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Direct Primary Care

What is Direct Primary Care and how is it different from Primary Care?

How Much Does it Cost?

Direct Primary Care may be more affordable than you think.

Member Benefits

Home visits, personal attention, exceptional service and more.
  • “Dr. Kruse is an outstanding physician who has been our family doctor for several years. When you need to reach him in an emergency, he is always available. He will even make house calls when necessary. Provides the highest quality medical care and advice. ”

    -Richard Nelson, Carbondale, CO

Health & Wellness Updates

  • Allergy Relief Tips for High Pollen Count Spring Season

    Posted May 4, 2018

    It’s been a dry and windy spring in the Roaring Fork Valley. Unfortunately, these make perfect conditions for high pollen count and severe seasonal allergy symptoms. In April, pollen levels were medium to high the entire month in Basalt, Carbondale, and Glenwood Springs, as the charts… learn more »

  • Apple Health Records

    Posted April 20, 2018

    Apple Health Records is changing the medical industry by providing patients with access to their medical history. Through Apple Health Records, patients can review everything from what their blood pressure was at their last appointment to detailed notes from their doctor.

    The mission of Apple Health Records is to empower… learn more »

  • Heartburn Medication & Stomach Cancer Risk

    Posted April 4, 2018

    Does taking heartburn medication increase the risk of developing stomach cancer? Yes, but the risk depends on the type of heartburn medication you take.

    A study published in the BMJ in December 2017 looked at people who took heartburn medication called proton pump inhibitors, which are sold under names like… learn more »

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